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SPI Corp loans Palm IR 250 technology to law enforcement officials to aid in the search for Elizabeth Smart.

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Raytheon Corp has a long history of producing high technology products for Military and civilian usage. They are world renowned in radar technology, missile systems, electronic components, and marine electronics. Innovation and quality control are the cornerstones of Raytheon Commercial Infrared. Their goal is to bring affordable thermal imaging systems to the widest range of military, law enforcement, and civilian customers.

SPI Corp is proud to be a master Nationwide Distributor of Raytheon Commercial Infrared products. We offer the complete line of Raytheon IR systems and have specific packages for government, military, industrial and law enforcement customers. We have developed many unique packages and custom accessories for the Raytheon NightSight line of infrared cameras. We are dedicated to supplying all of our customers with thermal imaging solutions that are custom tailored to their application. Give us a call today to see how the Raytheon SPI CORP team can help you.



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