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Miscellaneous Thermal Accessories

We have a wide selection of specialized accessories that can enhance your individual thermal infrared imaging efforts. Check to see if we have the components you need.

Custom solutions are available. Let us know what you want and we will provide a solution application. Contact us today to asses your needs.

IR Camera Accessories < Miscellaneous>

Night Sight Misc. Accessories
(Palm IR 250, Palm IR 250D, Palm IR PRO)
*Many Custom solutions are available. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Image Item Description SPI#
  Protective Cover Neoprene cover protects the Palm IR 250 from mild splashes and temperatures 3M8104-1
  Color Kit Photographic filter set adds monochrome color to the grayscale imagery in order to enhance contrast and usability. Separate eyepieces with Red, Green, and Amber filters included. 3M8104-2
  Tripod Standard 1/4" tripod. 3M8104-3
  Digital Camera For Documenting thermal images 3M8104-4
  ST-80 Non-contact pyrometer for calibrating thermal images. 3M8104-5


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