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Power and Battery Accessories

The following items will work with most Night
Sight Thermal Imagers. We have a large selection of unique accessories to enhance your thermal imaging experience.

We can provide you with custom battery, AC power, and hard wired configurations to fit your application. Contact us today to discuss your options..

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Night Sight Power
(Palm IR 250, Palm IR 250D, Palm IR PRO)
*Custom solutions are available. Contact us to review your options

Image Item Description SPI#
  6v Battery Pack The Standard 6v battery for use with most nightsight thermal products 3B6104-1
  AC Charger Standard AC charging station 3B6104-2
  AC / DC Charger AC or DC input charging station 3B6104-3
  Battery Eliminator 12 volt automotive cigarette lighter adapter for Palm IR products 3B6104-4
  Battery Belt Long life battery belt supports up to 8hrs. Continuous operation 3B6104-5
  Battery Pouch Holds spare batteries in the field. 3B6104-6


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