Custom thermal imaging solutions from raw detectors to plug and play modules are available. Contact us today to discuss your options with an OEM professional.

OEM Infrared Cameras FPA



Infrared camera modules are available in a wide range of configurations from simple volts in video out modules to custom fully integrated digital interface. Most of the modules are based on latest generation BST (Barium Strontium Titanate) Focal Plane Array detector cores. This proven technology provides for crisp imaging capabilities and robust reliable operation. With an NETD of .08C (Typical) the New Digital Detector cores are ready for the most discriminating of applications.

The New Amorphous Silicone Bolometer is ready to go and this little guy packs some serious performance to cost ratio's. The new bolometer core is very small, lightweight, and lean on the power consumption. This innovative system core is poised to revolutionize the thermal imaging market.


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