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The Palm IR PRO is used by Sierra Pacific Infrared of Las Vegas for home energy audits. Nationwide people are combating rising energy costs. "Out here in the Nevada desert this is the latest tool in the war against $400 + per month utility bills."


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The NEW Palm IR - 250/DIGITAL is here!

Check out our newest infrared camera products and special equipment packages for your unique application. Raytheon is a world leader in thermal infrared imaging technology. The entire NightSight product line is made up of proven performers that combine superior performance with low cost value. Our applications page has detailed information on the latest thermal inspection procedures. Contact us today to discuss your options.

BRAND NEW - First Look Palm IR 400D The latest and greatest qualitative thermal imaging camera from Raytheon. The new Palm IR 400D is a high resolution (320x240) color thermal imaging system based on the new exclusive Digital BST detector Technology. This system replaces the popular Palm IR PRO and offers improved image quality and a greatly enhanced feature set.

NEW - First Look Palm IR 500 The latest and greatest thermal imaging camera from Raytheon. The new Palm IR 500 is the first radiometric camera from the company based on their exclusive BST detector Technology. Early reports indicate that the image is much improved.

Palm IR PRO Specials - Packages for the latest in thermal imager performance. The IR PRO combines high resolution imaging, comfortable LCD viewing, and Digital Compact Flash image storage. We have special Demo / Closeout packages for PDM, Home Energy Audits, and Security / Surveillance applications.

Palm IR 225 - The newest addition to the NightSight family is the IR-225 compact thermal imager. This new unit shatters the $10k barrier to bring you quality Raytheon imaging at the greatest possible value. This is one unit that you can truly afford to implement on a widespread basis.

Palm IR 250 DIGITAL - The venerable IR 250 has been much improved with it's latest overhaul. "We have a completely new product here and it kicks butt!" The New digital detector produces a super crisp image and the variable digital zoom you have all been waiting for is finally here. Convenience features like numeric on-screen gain and level symbology and our newest value added packages make the IR-250 D an interesting proposition. The fact that it is still the same price as the older analog models make this an offer you can't afford to refuse.


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