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The hottest new sector in the thermal imaging market is the "Home Energy Audit." Rising heating and cooling costs have spurred on the tremendous growth of this market segment. "We are seeing the beginning of an important application here." With millions of potential customers nationwide, this might be the application that brings thermal imaging to the mainstream. Check out the latest turnkey package deals that include everything you need for your new bossiness.



Infrared Camera Thermography Applications


Infrared camera thermal imaging is an exciting technology that allows the user to "see" heat energy with a device similar (in operation) to a standard camcorder. There are many proven uses for infrared cameras and new applications are being created daily. You probably came up with your own application while reading this! The following information was either pioneered by SPI of Las Vegas or from the public domain. Feel free to contact your local distributor for more information.

Electromagnetic spectrum infrared UV and MicrowaveInfrared Cameras give you valuable information hidden in the non-visible portion of the Electromagnetic Spectrum


Electrical PDM
Mechanical PDM
Home Energy Audits
Mold Spore Detection
Block Wall Construction
Flat Roof Inspection

Search and Rescue
Wild Fire

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Electrical PDM
This is easily the largest application for thermal infrared cameras.
Virtually any electrical component can be surveyed with an infrared camera. You can inspect common breaker panels, switchgear, motor control centers, and bus bar connections. Thermal Imaging systems can easily survey electrical generation and distribution facilities. You can quickly scan all types of transmission lines, pole mounted transformers, large substation transformers, knife disconnect switches, and any other electrical connection. An infrared camera can reveal loose/dirty connections, unbalanced loads / phase problems, overloaded circuits, and even non-electrical problems like oil level in oil filled transformers. The value of infrared inspections of electrical systems has been proven time and again. The ROI for this type of equipment has been accelerated dramatically with the introduction of our new low cost PDM packages. For more information regarding infrared inspection programs including detailed Return On Investment examples check out this Predictive Maintenance article. For a walkthrough of a typical electrical inspection including reporting examples and proper procedures check out this Predictive Maintenance site.

Cameras for this application include:
Radiometric Infrared Camera
The NEW Palm IR 500D
Palm IR 400 D The NEW Palm IR 400D PRO

Palm IR PROThe Proven Palm IR PRO
Palm IR 225The NEW Low Cost Solution

Mechanical PDM
This application goes hand in hand with electrical maintenance in keeping facilities up and running nonstop. The IR 500 D will give you the edge in mechanical PDM by providing you not only with a crisp vivid thermal image, you also get accurate temperature measurement onboard. You can inspect motors, shafts, bearings, ovens, boilers, and any moving part. Almost all mechanical failures are a result of friction. Friction is indicates by in increase in temperature that thermal cameras can easily spot far before failure occurs. For a less expensive solution that provides all the necessary features for mechanical predictive maintenance inspections try the IR PRO. This is the premiere qualitative infrared camera with color imaging and digital image storage. For more information on other infrared camera systems check out this site.

IR Systems for this application include:

IR 500 Digital RadiometricThe NEW Palm IR 500D

Palm IR 400 D The NEW Palm IR 400D Pro
Palm IR PRO RaytheonThe Proven Palm IR PRO
Raytheon Palm IR 225 DThe NEW Low Cost Solution

Home Energy Audits
The Palm IR PRO is the most popular choice for this application. The light weight, ease of use, and crisp imagery produced combine to make your job easy. The basics of the energy audit application involves a scan of the structure with the inside and outside temperatures having a difference of at least 15 degrees. You can detect voids around windows and doors or missing damaged insulation. The Palm IR 500 is a great tool but is not recommended if this is your primary application. The IR PRO is a great tool for this application.

Thermal Energy Audit
The classic home / residential energy audit scan.

Infrared energy audit
Another energy audit image shows the infiltration of
heat into the structure. The yellow and red area to
the left of the shutters indicates an area of increased
infrared energy penetrating the building envelope. There
is a good chance that this pattern indicates an
area of damaged or missing insulation.

Thermal Building Scan
A commercial scan can be done with the IR PRO.
A variety of available optics allow you to
scan almost any size structure from almost any distance.
There is no other economical way to gather the
same data as you would from the camera. For detailed step
by step instructions on the proper procedures for a thermal
energy audit check out this infrared energy audit

Cameras for this application include:

Raytheon Palm IR 400 Digital The NEW Palm IR 400D PRO

palm ir proThe Proven Palm IR PRO
palm ir 250 DThe IR-250 Digital
The NEW Low Cost Solution

Mold Spore Detection and Abatement
We have all heard about the "sick building syndrome" plaguing people in North America. One of the leading causes of this is bacterial growth in buildings with improper construction or damaged insulation. Mold is a very serious problem that has forced people to abandon homes, offices, and schools. Mold growth typically occurs in areas of a specific temperature and more importantly moisture content. The Palm IR PRO camera can detect the infrared signature caused by moisture damage to drywall, insulation, and other building materials. Once moisture penetrates the building envelope it becomes trapped inside areas with little or no ventilation and subsequently never dries. This creates the ideal environment for mold spore growth.

Mold Spore Inspection
The black area on this HVAC vent is very cold
while the red and yellow area are much warmer.
The area around the vent is damaged by moisture.

moisture damage
Moisture damage from an old water leak. This
moisture will remain in the drywall and insulation
for a long time. This wet area creates an environment
that is conducive to deadly mold spore growth.

stachybotrys Chartarum toxic indoor mold inspection sick building syndrome
Stachybotrys Chartarum is the toxic indoor mold. Over the past 20
years evidence has mounted indicating that this mold is one of the
leading causes of so called "sick building syndrome". The IR PRO can
easily detect moisture damage inside walls and ceilings which is where
this toxic bacteria lives.

Systems for this application include:

FLIR Thermacam e2 es e1 The NEW Palm IR 400D PRO

IR PROThe Proven Palm IR PRO
Palm IR 250 DThe IR-250 Digital
Hand held thermal imagerThe NEW Low Cost Solution


Block Wall Construction
New and existing block wall constructions can be scanned for a variety of defects. The technology is applicable to almost all types of masonry including brick, cinder block, stone, man-made materials, and more. With the right system you can investigate for problems like improper fill in blocks, voids in blocks, structural defects, and inadequate materials. This is a relatively new and exciting application. Developments are taking shape daily. Contact one of our representatives to discuss the latest advances.

Cameras for this application include:

Mikron 7515 7102 Mikroscan The NEW Palm IR 400D PRO

thermacam e2 es e infraredThe Proven Palm IR PRO
ir 250 raytheonThe IR-250 Digital
thermal infrared imagerThe NEW Low Cost Solution


Flat Roof Inspection
Moisture infiltrates flat roof structures and finds its way into the insulation. This insulation has no ventilation and therefore can never dry out. Eventually, this causes the roof to rot and will ultimately shorten the life of your structure. This application has a long and proven track record. For more detailed application information check out this page on another site.

Units for this application include:

Palm IR 400 Digital The NEW Palm IR 400 D PRO

mikron 7515 7102 mikroscanThe Proven Palm IR PRO
Palm IR 250 DigitalThe IR-250 Digital
FLIR MilcamThe NEW Low Cost Solution


Thermal imaging is the perfect technology for short / medium / long range nighttime / daytime surveillance. Focus the lens and see the hidden world that an infrared camera will reveal. With today's climate of increased security this technology is ideal for surveillance of perimeters, suspect pursuit / capture for law enforcement, security monitoring of mission critical installations such as telecoms. / Oil and gas production facilities / nuclear plant / ship building / train stations /airline airport security / etc. The newest systems offer enhanced digital imaging with 2x zoom adding to the range of these systems making them ideal for military target threat assessment, longer range surveillance, and other scenarios that require distant observation in adverse conditions. Thermal cameras are much more than simple night vision aids. The thermal imaging detector in our units gives you access to the hidden infrared energy in the world around you all the time. With systems like the IR250D you can easily tell if a vehicle was recently driven. You can gain valuable clues about the inside of a building by interpreting the thermal signature you see from the outside of the structure. The surveillance uses for this unit are to numerous to mention here and are really only limited by your imagination. Contact a representative to discuss your options.


Systems for this application include:

Palm IRPRO thermal cameraThe Proven Palm IR PRO
Thermal ImagerThe IR-250 Digital
Mikron 7515 7102 7200The NEW Low Cost Solution


Search and Rescue
The thermal imager is a proven asset in the world of search and rescue. It is an ideal system for Nighttime or Daylight SAR or search & recovery missions. The convenient auto-adjustment feature of the 250D allows you to concentrate on finding your target instead of on your equipment. The lower cost of the 250D infrared cameras allow more tools to be placed in the field. This blanket coverage approach increases the chance of quick victim location. Time is a critical factor in all SAR applications and can often mean the difference between life and death. The most valuable SAR targets are people or animals that we care about. These targets emit a thermal signature that is almost always significantly different than the background because of their body heat. The human thermal signature is highly visible against the even background of snow, water, or earth. Don't forget the handy 2x zoom on this unit brings the subject closer to you for more critical analysis. More:
Infrared Cameras
Thermal Imagers
Predictive Maintenance
Thermal Infrared Imaging
Thermal Weapon Sight
Military thermal imaging


Imagers for this application include:

electrophysics infrared cameraThe Proven Palm IR PRO
Thermal Infrared Camera TICThe IR-250 Digital
Thermal Infrared Camera TICThe NEW Low Cost Solution


Wild Fire
Our new technology digital thermal detection systems can be used in all aspects of wild fire fighting and prevention programs. Our lightweight systems can be used from helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, mobile mounted vehicle models, and handheld man portable systems. These tools can be used on their own or in conjunction with a more extensive fire mapping program. Contact us today to discuss your options


Units for this application include:

Color thermal imagingThe Proven Palm IR PRO
The IR-250 Digital
The NEW Low Cost Solution



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