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Low Cost Infrared Camera Applications


The Palm IR 225D thermal infrared camera, from Raytheon, is a versatile system that will out perform your expectations in a wide range of both new and traditional thermal imaging applications. The unit is available in a variety of configurations to meet your specifications. Packaged kits include everything that you need to get started including additional batteries, AC Power, image storage, and more. The applications listed below are just a few of the many uses for this truly unique tool. Contact us today for specific advice on your needs.

This unit is ideal for close to medium range day or night surveillance. The unit automatically adjusts to the scene you are viewing so you never have to be troubled by constant user input. Simply point the unit and focus the lens to see the hidden data that this camera will reveal. With today's sense of heightened security this unit is perfect for perimeter surveillance, law enforcement suspect pursuit and capture, reliable monitoring of critical installations (telecommunications / nuclear facility /oil production / shipyards / train depots /airport security / etc.), military threat assessment, and any other situation that requires the ability to see in adverse conditions. Not only can you see in the dark, the thermal imaging technology in this unit allows you to capture hidden infrared data about the world around you. You can tell instantly which vehicle was recently driven. You can gain information about the inside of a structure just by analyzing the thermal signature from outside the building. The surveillance uses for this unit are limited only by your imagination.

SAR (Search and Rescue)
The 225 is a great camera for Day or Nightime search and rescue or search and recovery operations. The simple automatic adjustment feature of the unit allows you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than on your equipment. The low cost of this system enables you to put more tools in the field increasing the chance of rapid target location. This can mean the difference between life and death in some SAR operations. The most critical SAR targets are generally people or animals. These types of targets emit a constant thermal signature due to their body heat. This signature is highly visible against the rather plain backdrop of earth, snow, or water.

In the cat and mouse game of high stakes recon work the Palm IR 225 looks like the next champ. The 225 is affordable enough to pack along with all forward units. The telephoto optics give you the safety of distant operation while the rugged lightweight form factor allows you to carry and operate the unit for extended periods of time with much less operator fatigue than other "portable" units. Automatic image adjustment and standard RS170 video output, for in the field documentation or wireless uplink, round out the new affordable Palm IR 225D thermal imager.

Energy Audit
Don't let the military / law enforcement heritage of the system fool you. The 225 is equally at home in the commercial sector. This is a great entry level or tool box solution to energy audit applications. The unit has the clarity and sensitivity to examine residential or commercial structures. Heat loss evaluations, flat roof moisture inspections, cinder block / concrete masonry wall survey, and many other practical applications in this exploding field.

Circuit Board PCB Analysis
The 225 is an excellent tool for spot checks of circuit boards and detailed qualitative analysis of your components in real time. The easy automatic operation of the 225 allows you to rapidly scan multiple boards for shorts or uneven heat distribution. Our custom close focus tele lens allows you to examine chips and board level components in high detail. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Electrical Inspections
The 225 can be used for qualitative thermal analysis of electrical components. The unit is the perfect low cost toolbox IR solution for quick analysis and repair of common electrical problems like overloaded circuits, out of phase situations, loose or dirty connections, and plugged cooling lines in transformers.

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