The state of the art IR 250D is the latest in a long line of quality thermal imaging products. The new digital detector enhances image clarity and enables advanced 2x zoom capabilities. Agencies are lining up to implement this new tool. Contact us to reserve your model today.

IR-250 Digital Infrared Camera


Introducing the 250D

High Performance thermal imaging has never been this easy or this cost effective. The IR 250 D is the latest evolution of the very popular Palm IR 250 handheld thermal imager. The low cost of this high resolution unit allows individuals and small agencies to step up from old technology Night Vision to the latest generation thermal imaging. Larger companies and agencies are able to implement multiple imagers within their budgetary limitations.

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The new 250 D is also ideally suited to a number of industrial maintenance applications including; electrical / mechanical predictive maintenance, home energy audits, and flat roof inspections. Multiple imagers in the field or around the facility provide for maximum coverage in any situation and increase the potential ROI of this valuable tool.


This substation disconnect switch was caught with the 250 during a routine weekly inspection. The simplicity of the system makes frequent inspections much more practical than they are with more complicated Quantitative cameras.

IR-250 D Features

Full Automatic / Manual Performance - No buttons to push or settings to master. Point and shoot simplicity allows for easy one hand operation. The IR-250 D can also be used in manual mode giving you full control over gain, level, brightness, image polarity (white hot / black hot), and zoom features. The new Palm IR 250 D now comes with onscreen numeric symbology so you can easily duplicate manual settings from session to session.

Enhanced Digital - The new 320x240 BST digital detector in the 250 offers enhanced image resolution and reduced noise providing you with crisp clean imaging at a low price.

Light Weight Leader - The 250D is among the smallest thermal imagers in the world. It is the only one to incorporate the latest BST digital 320 x240 detector technology.

Video Output - Standard NTSC video output via RCA type jack allows you to easily document your scenario with almost any consumer or professional recording device. Popular choices include the Sony Mini DV or Digital 8mm decks and camcorders.

Standard Batteries - Easy to find 6v camcorder batteries give you long time operation on each charge. The batteries are available at most retail stores making them much less costly than proprietary battery cells used on many other systems.

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Standard power pole scan is easily accomplished with the 250D. The Digital zoom lets you bring distant objects in close.

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