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The Palm IR 250D is widely considered to be the most popular thermal infrared imaging system for surveillance applications. The 250D is deployed in a variety of military and law enforcement agencies and has been extensively field tested.

The power of the IR 250D extends well beyond the range of surveillance. The features of the 250 D make it an ideal candidate for a wide array of industrial inspection applications.

Infrared Camera Applications

The following applications are ideal for the palm IR 250D. However, this list is just a small sample of the many uses for this exciting new technology. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.

This 250 is perfect for short to medium range nighttime / daytime surveillance. The system offers you a choice of automatically adjusting to the target you are imaging, so you are not distracted by constant input, or you can have complete manual control over all imaging functions. Focus the lens and see the hidden world that an infrared camera will reveal. With today's climate of increased security the 250 is ideal for surveillance of perimeters, suspect pursuit / capture for law enforcement, security monitoring of mission critical installations such as telecoms. / oil and gas production facilities / nuclear plant / ship building / train stations /airline airport security / etc. The new 2x zoom adds to the range of this unit making it ideal for military target threat assessment, longer range surveillance, and other scenarios that require distant observation in adverse conditions. Thermal cameras are much more than simple night vision aids. The thermal imaging detector in this unit gives you access to the hidden infrared energy in the world around you all the time. With the IR250D you can easily tell instantly if a vehicle was recently driven. You can gain valuable clues about the inside of a building by interpreting the thermal signature you see from the outside of the structure. The surveillance uses for this unit are to numerous to mention here and are really only limited by your imagination.

SAR (Search and Rescue)
The 250D is a proven asset in the world of search and rescue. It is an ideal camera for Nighttime or Daylight SAR or search & recovery missions. The convenient auto-adjustment feature of the 250D allows you to concentrate on finding your target instead of on your equipment. The lower cost of the 250D infrared camera allows more tools to be placed in the field. This blanket coverage approach increases the chance of quick victim location. Time is a critical factor in all SAR applications and can often mean the difference between life and death. The most valuable SAR targets are people or animals that we care about. These targets emit a thermal signature that is almost always significantly different than the background because of their body heat. The human thermal signature is highly visible against the even background of snow, water, or earth. Don't forget the handy 2x zoom on this unit brings the subject closer to you for more critical analysis.

In the high stakes game of military recon work the Palm IR 250D is poised to be the next champ. The unit is affordable enough for widespread deployment in forward patrols. The 75mm f/1 tele lens optics let you view human targets from a safe stand off distance of over 2400 ft. The robust form factor is light enough for you to pack or operate the 250D for extended time periods with less user fatigue than more expensive "portable" models. Fully Automatic gain / level control and std. video (RS170), for recording to standard video capture devices. The 250D is the perfect solution for the new cyber soldier technology that utilizes the new wireless uplink technology. The Palm IR 250 D is a well rounded solution to modern reconnaissance challenges.

Energy Audit / Flat Roof Inspection
The versatile IR250D is more than just a military and law enforcement weapon it is also a highly effective system for commercial inspections. This is an excellent entry level or tool box imager for energy audit, flat roof, and building envelope applications. The enhanced digital detector gives the system the sensitivity needed to examine residential or commercial structures and produce crisp detailed images for analysis. Similar to these inspections are heat loss surveys, cinder block / concrete masonry wall evaluations,flat roof moisture inspections and analysis of insulative systems. Many other practical applications are being developed every day in this new and exciting aspect of thermal imaging. Let us know what you are thinking of doing and we will guide you with expert advice.

Circuit Board PCB Analysis
As we push the envelope of high technology, modern circuit board design requires ever tighter specifications. Rapid prototyping and the race for competitive edge have placed heavy demand on today's engineers. The 250 gives you a perfect tool for quick qualitative analysis of new designs, troubleshooting existing designs, and online quality control. The crisp image and digital zoom allow for unprecedented clarity in this price range. In our experience the IR 250D is an excellent tool for PCB analysis when coupled with the 25mm lens. The easy operation of the 250 allows you to rapidly scan multiple boards for shorts or uneven heat distribution. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Electrical Inspections
The 250 can be used for qualitative thermal analysis of electrical and mechanical components. The unit perfect as low cost toolbox IR solution or as a day to day component of a more comprehensive predictive / preventative maintenance program. The system can be used to rapidly scan for problems like overloaded circuits, out of phase situations, loose or dirty connections, and plugged cooling lines in transformers. This is the greatest tool you can put in an electricians hands.

Pipe Leak Detection
The 250D has multiple uses in the area of pipe leak detection. The system can be used from the air to quickly scan large runs of pipes and pipe beds. As long as you have a decent temperature differential between the ground or air and the fluid in the pipe you will get good results. Defects in buried pipe and even pipes under cement foundations can be scanned with thermal technology. Some common pipe leak detection applications include, analysis of radiant in floor heating, municipal water mains, hot water leaks in buried pipe (residential or commercial), and oil / gas pipeline leaks. Contact our staff today to discuss your unique challenge and see if thermal infrared is the solution for you.

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