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IR-250D Features

Enhanced Digital Detector- The new IR 250D utilizes the latest generation digital detector technology to produce thermal images that are crisp and detailed.

2x ZOOM - The digital detector has 2x digi-zoom capability. With one touch of the button you can instantly bring distant objects close to you. This is one of the greatest improvements to the 250D infrared camera.

Automatic / Manual Image Control - Intuitive on-screen menu allows you to quickly adjust gain, level, zoom, and image polarity with ease. Fully automatic mode allows you point and shoot simplicity. The auto mode is great in situations that demand your full attention.

Light Weight - The entire package is light weight and ergonomically designed. The versatile IR 250D can easily be used as a field, lab, or toolbox instrument.

Video Output - The system produces standard NTSC video through a normal RCA style jack. This video stream can easily be recorded with commercial or professional video equipment. Popular choices include Sony's line of Digital 8mm recorders and camcorders.

Standard Batteries - 6 volt camcorder batteries are widely available meaning that you will never be stuck buying high priced proprietary power. You will get an average of 2-3 hours per charge.





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