The new super low cost Palm IR 225 imager can be used for basic routine inspection services as well as for nigh vision surveillance applications.Check out this breakthrough thermal imaging product.

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The Palm IR PRO image gallery is now open! Here you can review a number of thermal images taken with the IR PRO infrared camera system. Feel free to inspect these images but please don't copy without our permission.

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Palm IR PRO thermal image gallery


The classic home / residential energy audit scan.

Common electrical breaker panel. Thermal imaging
takes the guess work out of inspecting your
facilities electrical connections. One pass of
the infrared camera and you know instantly if
you have problems.

Faulty circuit board component shows thermal anomaly
in the left portion of the image. Thermal cameras are
indispensable in PCB evaluation and circuit board R&D.


The IR PRO is an excellent tool for qualitative medical analysis.


The electrical substation and transmission line world is
no stranger to the benefits of thermal infrared imaging.
Note the hot connection on the transformer.

The area around the vent is damaged by moisture.

Moisture damage from an old water leak.

The worlds greatest stud finder!

Another energy audit image shows the infiltration of
heat into the structure. The yellow and red area to
the left of the shutters indicates an area of damaged

Thermal image of a canine suspect.

A distant image of a large condominium
complex reveals a fairly even distribution of
IR energy. Several yellow spots on the image indicate
possible areas of interest.

This image of a halogen lamp shows off
the rainbow color palette. This is an ideal
palette for a variety of applications that require
detailed analysis of subtle changes in IR energy.


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