The IR PRO is being used for a wide variety of applications in the thermal infrared imaging world. This may be the most cost effective imager ever made. For details on one companies use of Raytheon Commercial Infrareds Palm IR PRO check out the following website.


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IR PRO Building Envelope

Palm IR-250 PRO Features

Full Color Thermal Imaging - The PRO is the most economical camera that offers true color thermal imaging. The unit comes standard with user selectable color schemes including Rainbow, Iron, and Greyscale palettes.

Integrated Color LCD - The flip out LCD screen provides you with stunning color imagery in the field. The super bright screen is covered by a hard screen for protection.

PC Card Image Storage - Compact Flash image storage allows you to capture digital stills of your live images. The system comes with a PCMCIA adapter that allows you to read the memory cards from any Laptop computer equipped with PCMCIA slots.

Light Weight Leader - The entire package is featherweight and can easily be used as a field, lab, or toolbox instrument.

Video Output - Full color RS-170 SMPTE standard video output allows you to document real time thermal imaging to standard video tape devices.


Check out the Palm IR PRO infrared camera!

The IR PRO has the sensitivity for demanding
thermal applications like medical imaging of
the vascular system. The imaging quality of this
system rivals that of much more expensive
thermal camera systems.

The black areas in the image represent
the coldest areas. They are indicating the
presence of moisture behind the drywall.
The moisture is from a hidden leak. This
type of moisture infiltration is a major cause
of mold spore growth which has been suggested
to cause serious health issues.

The classic electrical substation inspection. The
PRO camera system is ideal for daily use in the
field as a part of your comprehensive
preventative / predictive maintenance program.
This is the perfect "toolbox" IR solution. We
can expand the functionality of the PRO with a
number of packages that include software and
temperature measurement options.

The IronBow color pallet clearly shows the
defective area of this circuit board assembly.
A short circuit on the pins causes the yellowish
pattern in the image. This is a visual representation
of the heat caused by the increased resistance
in the loose connection. The IR PRO is indispensable to
PCB research and development or online quality control.
Thermal analysis software can help guide your way
in the theoretical design stage, but there is no substitute for
an actual image of the heat profile in your component. As the saying
goes "a picture is worth a thousand words"!


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