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Thermal Infrared Imaging Applications


Mobile Law Enforcement PATROL
The Protect IR 4000b is ready to mount on a wide variety of vehicles that are common to the law enforcement field. The small footprint of the system allows you to mount it alongside your existing lightbar setup. The systems pan and tilt allows you to scan an area from the safety of your squad car. Cruising the streets the 4000B gives you a perfect view down alleys and into dimly lit areas regardless of ambient lighting conditions. Thermal imaging technology gives you so much more than traditional night vision systems. The 4000 b can tell you were the suspect is hiding, where he was hiding, and in the right conditions which way they went.


Fixed mount security
The 4000 is equally at home in fixed mount installations. The unit can be operated as a stand alone system monitoring a fixed area or tied into existing systems to compliment your current design. The advantages to thermal infrared imaging as an intrusion detection device are obvious. The thermal technology in the 4000B allows you to see in darkness and adverse viewing conditions. The imager is unaffected by bright lights or even day light so it can be used in a wider range of ambient conditions. Humans and vehicles are especially visible to infrared against the plain background of earth, water, or snow.

Remote Monitoring
The 4000B can be used to remotely monitor critical installations for either process errors or beaches of security. The system can detect anomalies in boilers / furnace installations, gas leaks and "invisible" gas fires, steam turbines or pipelines, and other scenarios in which a temperature difference will indicate a problem. Critical installations such as, nuclear power plants, airport runways, radar installations, ballistic missile sites, and other sensitive areas can be monitored remotely for intrusion.

Recreational Safety
The Protect IR thermal imaging system is affordable enough for high end recreational applications. The system can be mounted on a variety of recreational vehicles to enhance on / off road awareness and visibility. The unit is simple to operate via joystick control. The 4000B will give you a new perspective on the world around you.

The latest variation of the Protect IR is the 4000M. This unit has a more robust sealed housing that allows you to use the system in a harsher marine environment. The system can give you an incredible advantage when used on coast guard / harbor patrol / lifeguard vessels. The 4000M is also an affordable tool for use on today's mega yachts and sport fishing vessels. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities for your application.

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