The 250D makes an excellent companion piece to the 4000b. Deployment of a handheld and vehicle mounted solution can cover a wider range of applications in the field. Check out the Palm IR 250D today.

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Protect IR-4000b Features

Crisp Thermal Imaging - The 4000B brings you a detailed thermal image that can help you in adverse viewing conditions.

Pan and Tilt - The pan and tilt accurately positions your thermal imager for pin point viewing. A joystick gives you complete remote control of your imaging.

All Weather Housing - The high impact light weight housing allows you to operate the 4000b in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. The new 4000M variation gives you added protection for use in harsh marine environments.

Small Footprint - The compact size of the unit enables mounting in a range of spaces. The unit is at home on patrol cars, crash trucks, construction equipment, and recreational vehicles of all kinds.

Easy Installation - Complete kits are available to mount to a number of vehicles and fixed installation points. A simple wiring harness is included making the unit virtually 'plug and play'.

The 4000B thermal infrared camera can expand your capabilities to catch more bad guy's!

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