The 400D is one hot infrared camera. The applications for this breakthrough technology are only limited by your imagination.
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IR-400 Infrared Camera w/TEMP



Introducing the NEW Raytheon Palm IR-400. Finally, there is a real time high resolution (320x240) infrared camera that everyone can afford. The 400 combines long proven BST thermal detector technology with the Compaq IPAQ® PDA computer. This winning combination lets you view and store crisp color infrared video images along with voice and text annotation data in real time. The IPAQ® PDA is a commercial off the shelf component that doubles as a high performance Windows CE© based handheld computer. The applications listed below are a small sample of what can be achieved with this breakthrough product. Contact our specialists to discuss your application.


Electrical Preventative / Predictive Maintenance
This is the largest application for thermal infrared cameras. The Palm IR 400D
will revolutionize the world of qualitative preventative / predictive maintenance on electrical systems. The 400D cuts the cost of purchasing new thermal imaging equipment by up to 50%. This means that virtually any electrical component in your facility can be scanned with the IR camera. You can inspect common breaker panels, motor control centers, critical switchgear and long run bus bar connections or ducts. The IR 400 D will survey electrical power generation and distribution facilities. Rapid scanning of all types of transformers (pole or ground mounted), high tension transmission lines, hot knife disconnect switches, large oil filled substation transformers and virtually any other electrical connection. An infrared camera, like the 400D, will reveal all types of fault errors including unbalanced loads / phase problems, loose / dirty connection points, overloaded circuits, and even non-electrical connection problems like verifying oil level in an oil filled transformer. The value of infrared inspections in your plant electrical systems has been proven to save time, money and lives. The ROI for this type of equipment has been accelerated dramatically with the introduction of this low cost capable tool. For more information regarding infrared inspection programs for your applications including detailed Return On Investment examples check out this article. For a walk through of a typical electrical inspection including reporting examples and proper procedures check out this page. For other camera systems that may help you in your maintenance efforts check out this page.

Mechanical Predictive / Preventative Maintenance
This application goes hand in hand with electrical maintenance in keeping facilities up and running nonstop. The Palm IR 400D will give you the edge in mechanical PDM by providing you not only with a crisp vivid thermal image but it also allows you to store vital component information via voice and / or text annotations. You can inspect boilers, shafts, ovens, motors, bearings and all moving parts susceptible to friction wear or breakdown. Almost all mechanical failures are a result of friction. Friction is indicated by an increase in temperature that thermal cameras can easily spot far before failure occurs. This is the premiere qualitative infrared camera with color imaging and digital image storage. For more information check out this page on another site. Or contact our specialists today.



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