The Radiometric 500D is one hot infrared camera. Did you know that we have several variations on this camera that address your specific application and budget? Our software is greatly improved and report generation is excellent.
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IR-500 Infrared Camera w/TEMP



Introducing the NEW Raytheon Palm IR-500. Finally, there is a radiometric infrared camera that everyone can afford. The 500 combines proven BST technology with the Compaq IPAQ® palm top computer. This winning combination allows you to view and store color thermal video along with temperature measurement data all in real time. The IPAQ® PDA is a standard off the shelf item that does double duty as a high powered Windows CE© based palm top computer. There are many options (including wireless Internet/intranet access) available for the IPAQ to expand your productivity.

Thermal imaging with temperature measurement has never been this easy or this cost effective. The IR500 Radiometric Infrared Camera shatters all previous price points for infrared technology. The low cost of this unit allows smaller companies to enter the world of IR predictive maintenance. Larger corporations are now able to implement several cameras within the same budgetary restrictions. More imagers in the hands of maintenance personnel allows for better coverage in any industrial situation and eliminates the need to "share" resources among different departments. The low cost and high performance of this unit increases the usefulness of this valuable tool.


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