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IR-500 Radiometric Features

Full Color Radiometric Thermal Imaging - The 500 series is the most economical infrared camera that offers true color thermal imaging and radiometric temperature measurement. The unit comes standard with user selectable color schemes including Rainbow, Iron, and Greyscale palettes along with spot temperature measurement.

Integrated Eyepiece - The professional grade eyepiece gives you a crisp bright thermal image with real time thermal analysis overlay. The comfortable eyepiece allows you to view the image under bright lights or even direct sunlight.

Optional Compaq IPAQ Module
The integration with the IPAQ computer is seamless. This option gives you a bright display that is lit from the side to enhance your viewing in difficult situations that normal LCD's cannot handle. The powerful Win CE based IPAQ allows you to view real time color thermal imagery and store large numbers of images with audio / text documentation. The most exciting part of the IPAQ add-on is the availability of third party and custom wireless solutions. You can know integrate your field camera with the corporate intranet, cross index all components with bar-code scanning, and even transmit live thermal images to an expert in a distant office half way around the world! The possibilities are endless when you are dealing with a versatile Win CE based computer system.

Analysis Software - Simple computer software allows you to download and analyze thermograms taken in the field. We have many upgrades and can arrange custom solutions for your organization.

Light Weight Leader - The entire package is featherweight and can easily be used as a field, lab, or toolbox instrument.


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